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We first started as a web design business. However, our philosophy and ideas quickly and rapidly changed ArtiveLab to a complete digital solution business! Our focus is on quality, user experience and designing your project tailored to your business' philosophy!

Our motto, Activate your Idea, is what defines us!
You have an idea about a business, or an application, or even a concept about an event or show? We are here to analyse, develop and bring it to life!

ArtiveLab itself is based on the same idea! We had a concept about a business and we developed it to what ArtiveLab is today, and to where we want it to be in the future!

That idea is to focus on the quality, provide unique design and experience for your clients and users! Make your products or services based on your and your business' personality and needs!


Artivelab begun to take shape as a web design company! Always aiming for high quality!

We expanded our services, talents and experience! We like to challenge ourselves!

Full of ideas and concepts we are moving forward, aiming for the stars!

We developed a series of digital products to increase productivity along our clients!

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Our Team


Founder, Director, Programmer, Designer

Giannis is a dreamer, hoping for a better tomorrow. He tries really hard to play his part on this world to achieve it. ArtiveLab is one of his dreams and plans! Find out more at


Social Media Manager

Niki is a talented individual that puts alot of effort in craeting unique content for social media!


Web Designer / Developer

Attention to detail and his passion for quality results are some of Kostas talents!


Graphic Designer

Design's unique and beautiful graphics to promote and make your products or services stand out!

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