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We Design and Develop Applications That Are Unique, User-Friendly and Cross-Platform

  • We build user friendly with stunning design applications
  • Our process is built to deliver quality and unique designs
  • User expirience is very important for us
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Cross Platform and Device

We design your application to work on both iOS and Android platforms. That way you expand your audience and customers. Cross device design is an important aspect of mobile applications. Android has too many different devices, mobile and tablets, with many screen sizes and resolution. We make sure your application works on as many screens and devices as possible. Another issue you may experience from time to time is an application not being supported by your platform's version. We develop the application to support as many versions as posible without losing key functionality from newest versions of each platform.

User Interface / User Experience

Designing a mobile application is not a simple task. In order for an application to be successful you need to take under consideration many factors. Two important factors are user interface and user experience. We design your applicaiton in a way that your target group of people will be able to use and easily understand how your application works. Then comes the user Interface were we design the neccesary and important parts in order to help your users navigate and explore your up with ease.

Custom Admininstration Panel

Sometimes an application is not just mobile. You may need an administration panel in order to edit content, update data of your application or even receive payments and information about orders. We develop a web application that is securly connected to your application and helps you manage and change content.

Notifications / Microtransactions / Ads

With the help of a custom administration panel we are able to implement a system that will inform your active users on your mobile application or specific group of your users and send them personalized messages and information. We can also add microtransictions which are one of many ways for your users to buy your services. By subscribing to your content monthly or yearly, to ordering and purchacing some product or service. You can also display ads.

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